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Travel Search Engines – Find Cheap Flights, Vacations, and Hotels

The Top 30 Cheap Travel Search Engines on the Internet

I love getting a great deal on my trip as much as any budget minded backpacker or suitcase traveler. Whether it’s flying home for a holiday weekend with the family, traveling to the other side of the world for a few months of adventuring, or heading south during the winter blahhs for a couple weeks in the warming sun. Saving money getting there just makes cents (slow clap).

So after about 50 hours of research and testing, I ended up with this list of 30 cheap travel search engines (aka cheap flight search engines). One of the main criteria was the search engines ability to return vacation, hotel, and or flight prices on it’s own without requiring me to choose another search engine to search on. I also considered prices returned, the times it took to return results, and the overall usability of the search engine.

As an “added bonus” I’ve also included the pre-search and post-search advanced flight options offered by each cheap trip search engine, so that if you looking for or need a specific option with your flight such as cabin class, airline carrier (useful for getting the most out of your airline reward points), refundable fares, cabin class, etc, you’ll know which cheap travel search engine to use to make it easier to find the right flight for you at the best possible price.

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