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Backpacking and Outdoor Adventure Resources

Backpacking and Outdoor Adventure Resources

Resources for Travel and Outdoor Adventures: Do you need to know what time it is in another country, what type of electrical outlets they use, what the currency exchange rate is? Or are you interested in a review of the latest lightweight tent, some rough and tumble hiking shoes, or some tasty grub for the trail. This resource list has got you covered.

Top 30 Cheap Travel Search Engines: A list of the top 30 travel search engines on the internet. Providing information on the pre-search and post-search advanced filter options so you know which flight search engine is right for you. Whether you prefer to fly with a specific airline, enjoy nonstop flights only, or want to know which search engine company offers refundable fares, this is the place to find out.

Sports and Outdoor Stores: A comprehensive list of popular sports and outdoor stores where you can purchase the gear, apparel, and electornics you need for your next sporting event or adventure.

Deal Guide Dictionary: As Deal Hunters or Bargain Hunters we are like any other group of people, we speak in code. We have our own online shopping language, our own definitions and shorthand, enabling us to recognize deals we’re interested in much easier and much faster. This deal knowledge, the deal-fu, allows us to get more deals done in less time and save more money as a result.